In 1954, East Newton Elementary School was opened with Mr. R.L. Clements serving as principal. The school served grades one through eight.

In 1970, Mr. Hassell E. McGee served as principal, followed by Mr. Manning Trip in 1971.

Dr. Thord Marshall was appointed principal in 1972. Enrollment at that time consisted of students in grades one through five.

Mr. Lowell Biddy assumed the role of principal in 1975, followed by Dr. J. H. Davis in 1979. A full-time kindergarten program was implemented that year.

In 1986, Ms. Trina Russell was appointed principal. The position of Instructional Lead Teacher was created and filled by Mrs. Jean Anne Marra. A major renovation project was completed that added a new media center, office suite, art room, music room, gymnasium, and eleven classrooms. These renovations were added to the existing facility.

Mrs. Jean Anne Marra was appointed principal in 1990, and in 1993, an new wing including five classrooms was added.

In 1997, Mrs. Patricia Miller was appointed principal. Another wing including six classrooms, a computer lab and a music room was added.

Mrs. Brenda Stanton was appointed principal in 2002, followed by Mrs. Naomi Cobb in 2005. Dr. Kim Coady was appointed in 2009 and served until her retirement in 2018.

Ms. Melissa Daniell was named principal in December of 2018.