Supply Lists

Suggested School Supplies


1 pack of Ticonderoga pencils

1 box of washable markers*

10 glue sticks

3 boxes of 16 count crayons*

1 pack dry erase Expo Markers

1 pair blunt end scissors*

3 boxes facial tissue

1 box gallon-sized ziplock bags (boys)

1 box quart-size ziplock bags (girls)

1 plastic pocket folder with prongs*

1 pack index cards

1 bottle hand sanitizer (girls)

1 container of wet wipes (boys)

1 set of headphones*

1 box of band-aids (non-latex)

Complete change of clothes in a labeled ziplock bag*

Bookbag - No rolling bookbags

*Please label with child's name

First Grade

4 boxes of crayons 

3 packs of Ticonderoga pencils  

3 packs of glue sticks 

1 set of quality headphones (no earbuds/replace as needed) 

1 pack of dry erase expo markers 

Girls: Clorox wipes 

Boys: wet wipes 

Hand sanitizer (no mini) 

Baggies: gallon and quart 

1 box of Band aids (non-latex) 

3 boxes of Kleenex 

Bookbag (no rolling) 

*No handheld pencil sharpeners 

Second Grade

4 boxes of crayons

3 packs of pre-sharpened pencils 

3 plastic folders with prongs and pockets, solid color, plain covers

1 pair of blunt end scissors

A pack of glue sticks

Pencil box or pencil pouch

3 sewn composition books plain cover – WIDE RULED

2 bottles hand sanitizer

I pack dry erase markers

4 boxes of tissue

Earbuds/headphones for personal use

Book bag-NO rolling book bag 

Boys- baby wipes

Boys-1 box of band aids 

Boys-1 box quart ziplock baggies

Girls-1 box gallon ziplock baggies

Girls-1 bag of peppermints (preferably soft)

Girls- 1 bottle liquid hand soap

NO hand-held pencil sharpeners

Optional - clipboards

cleaning wipes   

plain paper plates (mostly for crafts)

white lunch size paper bags

Third Grade

Pencil pouch (no boxes)

3 packs of pencils (Ticonderoga)

1 pack of cap erasers

2 boxes of 24 crayons

1 pair of blunt tip scissors

6 small glue sticks

6 dry erase markers

1 pack of highlighters

3 plastic pocket folders with prongs

3 spiral notebooks (wide rule)

3 boxes of facial tissue

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

Inexpensive headphones

Boys- ziplock bags (any size)
Girls- Clorox wipes

Backpack (no rolling)

1 pack of sheet protectors

Fourth Grade

Pencil pouch - absolutely NO boxes

3 packs of 12 #2 pencils with erasers*

2 plastic 2-pocket folders with prongs

1 ream/pack of copy paper

4 spiral notebooks with 3 ring holes (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green)

1 pack of colored pencils

1 pair of student scissors

6 glue sticks*

6 dry erase markers*

3 boxes of facial tissue

1 ruler with centimeter and inch markings

Boys- 2 rolls of paper towels & Hand sanitizer

Girls- disinfecting wipes & 1 box of band-aids

1 pair of inexpensive headphones or earbuds for use with Chromebooks

Book bag- NO rolling book bags

Fifth Grade

1 box twistable color pencils

3 packs of 12 #2 pencils*,Yellow only (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)

1 - ½” three ring binder, white with plastic front cover

1- 2" three ring binder

Package of 5 dividers

1 pack of 250 sheets loose-leaf  notebook paper

1 Pack dry erase markers - any colors

3 boxes of tissue* 

Boys- 1 container of wet wipes 

Girls- 1roll Paper Towels

Book bag

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

Headphones or Earbud

*Replenish as needed

**No hand-held pencisharpeners